Webify Your Database

What Does Webify Mean?

Webify is often taken to mean the transformation of your data from your database to something that can be displayed on the web such as HTML or XML. We take take this concept beyond this technical definition by looking at it from the end users point of view. From the end user, web presented data is easily to manipulate, visual and hyperlinked.

In the List, Card & Detail Views and the Interactive Query vs Fixed Reports articles we’ll describe some of the visual display and manipulation InfoSilk provides. In this article we illustrate hyperlinking describe and the calendar visual presentation.

Hyperlinking Your Database
Hyperlinking, or Linking, is the ability to click on a bit of text or an image and have it jump you to a related page. This is probably the fundamental building block of the web and what makes it so useful.

With InfoSilk we make it simple to create those hyperlinks so you can easily link together data such as your charges and customers. In the screen shot below we show a charge with a link to associated household. Clicking on that link takes the user to the the detail view for that household.

Almost every relationship in you database can benefit from this type of link. When your database becomes navigatable in this way you are easily applying the power of the web interface to all your users.

Calendar Views

The InfoSilk Calendar Views are the perfect way to interact with date-based data.

We set out to take the benefits of Web Calendars and apply those benefits to any database. Essentially, any row that contains a date field will benefit from being displayed in a Calendar format.

This Calendar shows rows where the date falls within the range being viewed. For instance, if you are looking at the month of January then you will see links for each row of data occurring on the specific dates in January.

This at-a-glance view of the calendar is very informative. Additionally, simply hover over the link to see the details of the row of data. Or click the link to drill into the Detail View for that row.

With the Calendar View, you can:
- Navigate by selecting the appropriate Month or Day from the left Navigation pane.
- Select a different Layout Like Day, Week, Month
- Hover over links to see quickly see row details
- Click on a link to drill into the Detail View
- Click on a Date number to go to the Day view for that date

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