Customization Ease & Power

Customization Requirement

Customization is the ability to modify a report to more clearly fill the business requirement. Customization includes filtering, column selection, sorting and summarizing the data in a report. To hit the sweet spot for end users, the customization features have to be sufficient to meet the need yet easy enough to perform.

Let’s use a Charges Report to illustrate some of the customization features.


Filtering enables the user to select a set of rows from the table. The user selects the column and operator (less than, equals to, …) from a drop down and specifies the filter values in a text box, from a pop up list of values or from a calendar. The graphic below illustrates the simplicity of the process.

Column Selection and Ordering

In the column selection section the user can select which columns to select as well as the order that they will be displayed.

Sorting & Summarizing

In the sorting section, the user specifies the sort order as well as an subtotals to be calculated. In the Summarize section, summarize operators such as Sum, Avg, Max, Min and Count are specified.

Resulting Report

Here is the result of the customization.

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