Creating a Great User Experience

Components of a Great User Experience
A great user experiencing has three critical components
1) Gets the job done
2) Simple to use
3) Easy to customize

For the purpose of illustrating how InfoSilk meet these goals, here is sample display of a table of payments made by customers.

Getting the job done
For a business user, the first and most important requirement is getting the job done and done right. Without this essential ingredient the application is useless. Getting the job done means that the user must be supplied with the functionality they need without making the application overly complex.

InfoSilk enables you to give you users a clear picture of the all the information in their tables and views. The list display allows the user to access the data they need in a simple manner. The navigation, filter and sort components provide the functionality to find the exact data required.

Simple to Use
A great user experience is simple to use. Simplicity is often defined as requiring zero-training. The Web has provided many examples of how to simply perform navigation, filtering and sorting tasks. We’ve abstracted those familiar patterns in InfoSilk so that you can apply them to any set of data.

With InfoSilk, as soon as the user is presented with the data it is clear how to perform the necessary tasks. The navigation links, sorting by column headers and the quick filters and search boxes are familiar and require no training.

Easy to Customize
Customization is the ability alter to according to individual specifications. This ability saves time is necessary for the business user to maximize their use of the application.

In InfoSilk we provide this easy customization through user views. The end user fills out a the create view page with their specifications. These views are saved, reused and shared.

Of course there are other areas that contribute to a great user experience, but research has shown that for business users, these 3 facets are at the top of the list. InfoSilk enables you to provide your user with this great experience every time.

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