Ad Hoc Query
- List View
- Card View
- Print View
- Calendar View
- Detail View
- Related Table View
- Quick Filtering
- Quick Sorting
- Cross Query Linking


- Column Selection
- Column Ordering
- Filtering
- Sorting
- Grouping
- Summarizing
- Column Formatting
- View Sharing

Security and Monitoring

- User Level Signon
- Integrated Signon Security
- Transaction Level Security
- Row Level Security
- Authorization Groups
- Usage Monitoring


- Pure Java
- Server Application
- Access any Database
- Scalable to Multiple Servers
- Can use lightweight Java Servers

Exporting, Email, Editing

- Export to Excel, Word, PDF, Txt, CSV,…
- List or Detail Exports
- Direct Emailing
- Edit Data
- Multi Line Edit
- Lookup Tables

Benefits Summary
- Fantastic User Interface
- Slash Project Costs
- Fast Time to Market
- Eliminate Development
- Web-Enable Any Database
- Self-Serve Query & Reporting

What is InfoSilk?
InfoSilk is a Web-based query and reporting tool that snaps on to you existing databases to deliver a simple, powerful and flexible Web-based query and reporting interface.

Summary View

Great User Interface
InfoSilk’s intuitive user interface requires no training for the business user. The business user can view data in lists, cards, calendars, details with related information and summary reports. InfoSilk provides exporting of data in a variety of formats and scheduled emailing of reports and data exports.

Card View

Not a Typical Reporting Tool
InfoSilk is not a reporting tool like Crystal, Business Objects or Access. There is no development environment, layout tool, visual designer or other technically oriented component. A non-programming administrator can learn how to implement InfoSilk in less than an hour.

Calendar View

Minutes to Create
You just fill out some simple forms and your query and report is ready to use. The average query, report or edit application takes a few minutes to create. Typically you will have InfoSilk up and running and serving at least 40 interactive queries in a few hours

List View

Interactive Ad-Hoc Query
Unlike the fixed reports delivered by standard reporting products, InfoSilk delivers an interactive ad-hoc query where the end user can quickly and easily filter, sort, customize and interact with a hyper-linked view of their database.

Detail With Related Query

Easy to Customize
InfoSilk meets the criteria of a great user experience by enabling the user to easily get the job done, being simple to use and being easy to customize.

View Customization

Self-Server Reporting
The self-serve reporting capabilities provided by InfoSilk enables any business users to easily create their own query and reports and save and share them for repeated use. No technical staff is necessary.

Exporting & Emailing

In Use at SMBs and Fortune 100 Companies
InfoSilk is being used by 1,000’s of users in small, medium and Fortune 100 companies such as Morgan Stanley, Con Edison and Wachovia Bank. InfoSilk is priced to fit for any size company.

Data Editing Capabilities

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