Frequently Asked Questions

What is InfoSilk?
InfoSilk is an Application Server which simply snaps on to your existing databases to deliver a simple, powerful and flexible Web-based query and reporting interface without programming.

How is InfoSilk different?

InfoSilk is different because it is not a reporting tool like Crystal, Business Objects or Access. There is no development environment, layout tool, visual designer or other technically oriented component. A non-programming InfoSilk administrator fills out 2 simple forms and, in minutes, your reports are ready for use by your end users.

What is different about the reports produced?
Unlike the fixed reports delivered by standard reporting products, InfoSilk delivers an interactive ad-hoc query which the end user can quickly and easily filter, sort, customize and interact with a hyper-linked view of their database.

What are some of InfoSilk’s key features?
We examined the reporting features of the leading Web Apps and built those features into every InfoSilk report. We also eliminated all time consuming layout programming as analysis shows that the vast majority (over 90%) of reports do not need custom layouts.

What is the “time to market” with InfoSilk?
It takes approximately one hour to install the InfoSilk Server. The average report takes a few minutes. Typically, you will have InfoSilk up and running and serving at least 40 interactive queries in four hours

What are InfoSilk’s self-service reporting capabilities?
InfoSilk’s self-serve reporting capabilities allow users to easily create their own query and reports and save and share them for repeated use thereby eliminating technical staffing requirements and immediately filling data requirements.

What are the typical cost savings?
InfoSilk Server eliminates 90%-95% of the development time typically required to deliver reporting solutions. One customer has over 8,000 user views and has saved close to a $1,000,000 of development costs.

Who is using InfoSilk?
InfoSilk is being used by 1,000s of users in Fortune 100 companies such as Morgan Stanley, Con Edison and Wachovia Bank. Small and medium businesses are also benefiting from InfoSilk on in-house servers and in hosted application environments.

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